Can I administer the application of Melatonin Implants myself?

Yes, you can. However, it is critical to wear protective gloves and handle the implant with forceps. Before applying, clean the needle and application site with a medical-grade disinfectant.

NOTE:  If you are unfamiliar or inexperienced with administering injections into animals, we recommend consulting your animal health professional.

Where is the melatonin capsule implanted in the animal?

In the smallest sized Melatonin Implant, the thickness is just .08″ (2 mm). This tiny capsule is shot subcutaneously just under the skin. In larger animals, many farmers place it behind the ear lobe, where loose skin is available. In smaller animals, it is best to inject the implant into the area between shoulder blades.

Do not use automatic application guns, since they tend to jam easily with these slightly flexible implants.

When Is The Best Time To Start Administering Melatonin Implants And How Many Capsules Should I Use For Optimum Hair Growth In My Livestock Or Show Animals?

For cattle, 3-4 capsules can be administered approximately 120 days before your target date for livestock shows, sales, auctions, or other events. Repeat using two implants every 30 days following the initial implant. 24.0 mg is recommended.

For sheep, melatonin implants may be started 90 days prior to the target date. Repeat the process every 30 days after the initial implant, using 2 implants of 12.0 mg.