Suppress Estrus in Cats with Melatonin

Melatonin implants are a safe, reversible option to delay or suppress estrus in cats. Specifically, the term estrus refers to the “heat cycle” in which the female cat is sexually receptive for reproduction.

Reasons why cat owners choose melatonin implants

suppress estrus in cats with melatonin

It’s true that the most effective way to prevent feline overpopulation is to have your cat spayed or neutered. However, this is also a permanent solution; it’s not reversible. A surgical solution is not always the best choice, especially among owners of purebred cats. Fortunately, a growing number of cat owners have discovered melatonin implants as a viable solution. Consider the following scenarios:


If a breeder fails to effectively manage the estrus cycle of their female cats, it could result in a serious financial loss. Suppressing the estrus in cats with melatonin implants gives breeders greater control over the frequency of litters and choosing the best possible sire to mate with the female cat.

Show competition

Some cat owners have made a significant financial investment to raise and prepare their purebred cat for showing. The largest cat show sponsor is The Cat Fanciers Association. The CFA categorizes a spayed female cat as “altered.”  As such, these cats are not eligible to become a “Grand Champion” in either regional or international shows. Fortunately, since it’s possible to suppress estrus in a cat with melatonin implants, you can do this without surgically altering your cat. As a result, your cat is eligible to compete for the top prize.

Coping with behavioral changes

Whether your cat is a purebred, hybrid, or a “moggy,” the changes in your feline’s behavior during estrus soon become apparent.  Your calm, typically docile cat may suddenly exhibit fits of howling (to attract the attention of male cats) and bouts of restlessness.  She may also take every opportunity to escape from home in search of a male cat. As stated, you can delay or suppress estrus in your cat with melatonin implants.  Thus, you are limiting the behaviors that put more stress on both the female cat and her owner/family.

A proven safe, reversible option to suppress estrus in cats

Scientific studies show that 18 mg melatonin implants can suppress estrus in female cats for 2 – 4 months. Melatonin implants are available without a prescription.  Veterinary professionals typically use the recommended 18 mg melatonin implant.

The effects of the implant in delaying estrus are reversible because melatonin wears off and allows the female cat to come into heat.  Also, there are no known side effects of using melatonin.

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